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École NDA super powerful students contest and more!

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École NDA’s environmental club is brewing with innovative ideas to find ways to reduce their dependence on buying products that are not available locally, such as plastic objects manufactured on the other side of the world. The project is about developing self-sufficiency using technology such as a 3D printer. Instead of having products made elsewhere, products can be labeled ‘made in Cheticamp’. The energy spent in transportation and resource extraction from the earth demonstrates the importance of this type of project. The students presented this project at a science fair competition.

École NDA also makes their own school calendars using recycled paper rather than buying new ones. In addition to making their own calendars, they are also working on a bag campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags, while fundraising for their club.

On another note, during a Green Schools visit, Engagement Officer Josée-Ann Cloutier met with a Grade 2 and Grade 4 class to talk about energy and how to save it. The visit also happened during Mi-Carême (Mid-Lent) which is an annual traditional Acadian celebration now practiced in three communities including Chéticamp. During Mi-Carême many people, called les mi-carêmes and disguised from head to toe, visit their neighbours who try to guess their identity. When the guessing game is over, the mi-carêmes unmask and enjoy a treat before heading to their next destination where the game begins again.

Thank you to Mr. Paul Gallant, the School and Community Development Officer who guided this experience all while singing and playing the guitar!

We look forward to hearing more awesome news from École NDA’s environmental club in the future!

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